For the last couple of weeks 5/6J have been reading, studying, discussing, pondering, theorising and writing about “The Watertower” and its sequel “Beneath the Surface”, written by Gary Crew and Illustrated by Steve Woolman.


We spent hours analysing the illustrations, searching for clues, trying to piece together the story… What happened to Spike and Bubba? This is an excellent book to capture readers, as the ending leaves the story wide open for individual interpretations… Even if this is a little frustrating!

beneath the surface

The class were asked to continue the story of “Beneath the Surface”, and everyone let their ideas run wild, thoroughly enjoyable to read. Well done guys!

So tell me 5/6J… What do YOU think happened to Spike and Bubba?

12 thoughts on “The Watertower”

  1. So far this book has been very interesting. Bubba and Spike go for a swim in the water tower and Bubba gets infected. Spike dosent but the rest of the town is also infected from drinking the water….. Cant wait to see what happens……

  2. This is a really awesome book but its weird that he didnt tell us what happened in the water tower!!!…… I think when spike dropped his glasses he fell off the water tower and landed in a trailer full of hay. At night time a truck came and picked him up and took him to bubba in a cell bubba was left with water for twenty years. Bubba showed spike a plan that took him fifty years to plan the next day they escaped….

  3. Bubba and Spike swm in the water tower and bubba got infected by the poisinous water …

  4. The Watertower was a good book.I like the second book, that was the best Watertower book.I liked from the second book was the end that was his end and his beginning. And I like the front cover of the book. I liked the symbol in the book.The symbol was in the whole book.

  5. This book is so cool it makes the reader want to read more and makes them look for more clues in the book.It also leaves the reader waiting until the next book comes out.

    I cannot wait until the sequel of beneath the surface.

    p.s these two books are the best

  6. Great comments guys.

    I know you all loved the books too. Remember we might have to wait another ten years for the next book!

    Apologies to Cameron I, Luke, Andrew, Brenden, David, Jesse, James and Corey M who were unable to leave a comment during reading groups, I know our laptops are not always reliable! And Tom and Cameron R, I saw your comments on the other posts.

    Remember you can always write a comment from home!

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