Here are the artworks that we created in the last week of last term. We moved from using chalks, pencil and charcoal to using paint. Following another fabulous youtube video, we attempted to create a Misty Forest Landscape.

The techniques we used were laying the trees from light to dark, then adding shadow to create a 3D effect. We focused on using only one colour and then making tints and tones using black and white paint. This style of painting is often referred to as Monochromatic Painting.

Check them out!  Tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for our Stage 3 artworks – Abstract, Sculpture and Kinetic Art!

6 thoughts on “Wrapping up our Landscape Art”

  1. Hi guys,

    These artworks were very interesting because you had to explore a lot of different things.
    It was fun to explore by mixing all different colours to make a new colour.
    It was great fun making the shadows.

    This was great fun hope to do more great fun artworks soon.
    P.S they all look great.

  2. Hi

    I really like all of them but the one to me that really stands out is the second left on in the second row the green one.
    I love the feel you get when you see them and also I have an idea for you. To present them you could use Photo Peach or Slide
    They are very easy and efficient to use. Hope you had lots of fun!


  3. Thanks for the comment Margaret!
    Yes we do already use Photo Peach and Slide to make slideshows of our artworks.

    Miss B

  4. Hi Miss Beavis’s class
    We are Elisa and Effy we loved your art work, we hope that we can do the same art work at our class. 🙂
    We loved the beautiful colours that you coloured it in.
    What were you learning so that’s why you done those art works??
    We think that your class did really well at working on the art works.Can you tell us how your class made those artworks so our class can have a lovely art work on our class wall. Thanks 🙂

    Hope you reply back to us. We are looking forward to your message .

    Elisa and Effy

  5. Hi Miss Beavis’s class

    I am Fonzelina from AllStars & I really enjoy your amazing artwork. Your class
    is very good at art and maybe one day they’ll be a spectacular artist. Keep up
    the good work 🙂

  6. Dear Elisa, Effy and Fonzelina,

    Thank you for the comment.

    We were learning about landscape when we did those artworks. You can see the video of this landscape at This is where we got the idea.
    Also, we love looking at Tyler’s Art Shack channel on Youtube.
    Maybe you could try these landscapes with your class or at home.

    Miss B and the members of 5/6J.

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