Yes it’s that time again, for all year 5 students in the country to complete the NAPLAN tests in literacy and numeracy. It seems a strange thing to partake in, as we rarely do silent, no helping, no talking tests at school.

But it is a very important way to assess ALL the students in the country the same way, to see how Australian students are learning and to see what are our students’ needs (yes I hear you 5/6J, you want laptops!).

So a big GOOD LUCK to the year 5 students in 5/6J this week as they sit these very important tests.

Please remember to read ALL instructions, take your time – there are no prizes for finishing first!  And above all, just do your best.

Want some last minute practice? Click here to see practice tests from previous years and here for online practice.

Want some good news – NO HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 4!

I want you to be well rested and stress free year 5, so year 6 you get to enjoy a break too. Go to bed early, eat a nutritious breakfast, keep reading every day, and if you love doing homework, go online at studyladder or mathletics, read and comment on awesome blogs, or visit some great educational games sites.

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