As you may know, Miss B adopted an Orangutan

this year – Chikita!

Click here to read about Chikita.


Click this link – Chikita Update  to read Chikita’s

six month update.


Chikita lives at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.


Maybe open a new tab and search for the

meaning of the word Rehabilitation?


Open Google Maps and find out where Sepilok is!



Click here to read about some other Orangutans

that live at Sepilok with Chikita.


After that, write on the wall below  telling us which ones are your favourite!



If you would like to read the latest Newsletter

from Sepilok, Click this link

 Orangutan Appeal UK_Newsletter_No.32.


Can you leave a comment telling us about Chikita

and what you know about Orangutans?

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