We are learning to determine what is important when we read.


We can’t remember everything we read, so we can remember some of the important bits, and of course some of the more interesting bits.



Here are some facts about Mt Everest. Vote if you think they are really important or just interesting!


If you have finished the quiz, visit this site to read more amazing facts about Everest.


Or check out the 360 degree street view of base camp or up the mountain!


Why not leave a comment sharing what you have learnt about Mt Everest?

53 thoughts on “What’s Important about Mt Everest!”

  1. Hi miss beavis its so amazing to see how tall Mt Everest is but the only bad thing is that its super dangerous to climbed it! Mt Everest summit is so tall being 29,028 ft tall and base camp being 17,700 ft tall!

  2. Hi Miss B,
    Students from Stage 2 are learning to access a Blog. They will be completing the quiz on Mt Everest and leaving a comment.

  3. Hi Miss B it is really interesting how many people have attempted to climb Mt Everest.

  4. I really like Mt Everest as a subject, I didn’t know that 120 people died trying to climb it and also I didn’t know that it was 29,028ft high 🙂

  5. hi miss B the quiz was so cool I liked that the topic was Mt Everest I got 50%! see you later!!! 🙂 XD

  6. Hi Miss B it was interesting to find out how many people have died on Mt Everest.

  7. Hi Miss B

    It was great to find out Tenzing Norgay was the first person to reach the summit of Mt Everest.

  8. Hi Miss B it was interesting that Mt Everest was created 60 million years ago.

  9. hi miss b

    i can`t believe a lot of people climbed mt Everest.

  10. i learned that tenzing norgay tried to climb it but sadly passed away trying to reach the summit.

  11. Miss B
    I am showing 3/4L how to send your Blog a message. You can disregard this email.
    Miss ICT

  12. Hi Miss Beavis thank you for letting us ( stage 2 ) go on your blog and post

  13. Hello Miss B
    I want to learn more about Mount Everest if it is interesting
    or important.

  14. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for letting me learn about Mount Everest. I would like to learn more about Mount Everest.

  15. Miss B
    Mount Everest is where Sherpas live. Sherpas are people who help you climb Mount Everest.

  16. Hello Miss b
    I want to learn more about Mount Everest.
    The facts are very interesting.

  17. To Miss B,

    Your quiz was awesome. I learnt that Mount Everest grows five millimeters each year. I did not know about Mount Everest at the start of this year. Learning about Mount Everest is so much fun!!!


  18. Hi Miss Beavis i liked the Quiz i got some wrong but that’s ok one day i would like to see mount Everest.

  19. Hi Miss B
    I want to learn more about Mt Everest. The facts are very interesting.

  20. Miss B
    Mt Everest has little spider’s who eat frozen inset’s and Mt Everest has
    120 people who died.

  21. MISS B
    What I know about Mteverest there are 120 people that dead on there way to
    summit in Nepal the mountain is called Sagarmatha meaning forehead of the sky
    and other stuff.

  22. Hi Miss B
    I learnt that 120 people died climbing Mt Everest.

  23. Hi Miss Beavis we are learning about Mount Everest this term!

  24. To Miss b
    Your quiz was great because its fun for learning
    and i was ready to do this also these quiz are interesting
    and important.

  25. To Miss B
    Your Quiz was fun for leaning and i want to learn more about mount Everest

  26. Miss B
    Mt Everest has about 120 dead bodies of climbers that tried to reach the summit.

  27. Hello Miss B
    Did you know that you actually say Mt Everest Mt Eve-rest.

  28. Miss B
    I don’t want to climb Mt Everest because it is big,scary,slippery and snowy.

  29. Hi Miss B
    I liked learning about Mt Everest. What I found interesting was that some people can survive climbing up and down the mountain.

  30. Hi miss B
    That quiz was a bit hard but very fun.
    Mt Everest is a good place to go.

  31. Miss B
    I like learning about Mt Everest because it is the highest mountain in the world.

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