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Hi 5/6J,

Click this link to visit a page with lots of links to grammar games. Help improve your grammar so you can read better and write awesome sentences!


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Good readers make inferences when they read. They use their background knowledge and the text clues to figure things out that the author is SHOWING us not TELLING us.

TELLING: The policeman was angry.

SHOWING: The policemen scrunched up his fists and stomped towards me.

A great way to write show, don’t tell sentences is to describe characters so the reader understands their emotions:

Click the words below to go to the discussion boards and post an example of a SHOW sentence for these emotions. 







Bonus tasks!

1) Add a comment with a SHOW sentence about a pirate, and Bosco can guess the emotion!

2) Find the hidden link in this post to play an inference game!


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Leave a comment about this image!

Write a short narrative in ‘5 lines’ for 5 line writing based on this image. Then go to the this post to click the links to look up different types of boats and storms.


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Here are our finished masterpieces! You can also see some photos of the final stages of creating these artworks.

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Last week 5/6J wrote some brilliant descriptive narratives as part of our 5 Line Writing Lesson. There were some great adjectives used.

We had to write about this image: 


5/6J members, please write a comment and publish your writing!


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Boats are an ancient form of transport, existing long before cars, trains and bikes.

But there are so many different types of boats! How many do you know? 


Here is some photos taken by Miss B and of Miss B on boats around the world. 




mile5-1100-steph 016






0004 croatia boats

004d our cabin 004b looking out our window

023. First Greek island swim stop!


146. NO i am not hanging on tight

235 432 439

1003 1017

392 396 399

349 391 621 Sea Princess


Miss B has even been on some boats during storms! It can be a little scary (oh okay, a lot scary). What are some other words for Storms? 



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Write a comment below :

1) Write some awesome descriptions and phrases to describe this cool Library in Rio, Brazil!

2) What would you do if you were a prisoner in this library? Add it in a comment below!

Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil





Make sure you’re comments are correct and appropriate. For tips visit this page!



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Here is our marble art we created earlier in the term, based on the art of Jackson Pollock.

DSCF7741DSCF7742 DSCF7743 DSCF7744

DSCF7745 DSCF7749

DSCF7750 DSCF7765

DSCF7768 DSCF7775

DSCF7777 DSCF7778 DSCF7779 DSCF7780


We used marbles in our tote trays to make these abstract expressionist pieces! Make an online expressionist drip painting here!

Why don’t you leave us a comment and tell us what the pictures remind you of? 



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Watercolour is a very popular medium for artists to use. There are so many techniques that you can use with watercolours to create different effects. Such as these shown below:



There are different types of water colour, tube paint that you mix with water and dried powder that you mix with water. This week 5/6J are creating an abstract water colour painting using different water colours and table salt. 

This artist – Gary Buhler is a watercolour artist. Here is one of his artworks titled ‘Salt Lake Oasis’. It looks like he has used salt on the roof, walls and sky!


After we have created our watercolour abstract works we are going to trace some of the shapes and patterns with black sharpies.

Check out this gallery of artworks created by other students in the USA for inspiration!


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This week we are reading some more Gary Crew Books. We will be studying some of the language he uses to create great descriptions. 

We are reading:

lucy eilean first light

Even Miss B’s cat Stormy likes to read Gary Crew Books. Here she is reading ‘First Light’. I think she was looking for a fish.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Or maybe she just likes selecting post it notes for Miss B to use!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 4

Which has been your favourite Gary Crew book?

Do your pets like to read books?


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