Important v. Interesting

A way to determine importance is to work out what is interesting and what is important.


When you read articles at this site – they actually write the top 2 or 3 IMPORTANT facts at the beginning of the article. How clever!

Choose one of the following articles to read. Decide on the top 3-4 important facts (including the ones at the top) and then find 3 facts that are INTERESTING to you.

Log in and leave a comment telling us which sport (or sports) you read about and which facts you found interesting!

Modern Pentathlon


Olympic Diving



Finished early? Choose your own sport to read about! Click here!

Reading Groups Week 6 and 7 – Text Features

It is important when reading informative texts that we understand why they can include so many text features.

Some text features are:

Can you fill up your bingo card?

Visit the link below to see many online factual texts.

Choose one at a time. Record the site on your bingo sheet.

Read the article. Colour in any features on your bingo card!

Can you fill up the whole card? What about a whole row or column?

Then go back and try another site!

Here’s your link!

Slushie Design Task

Slushies, Slurpees, Frozen Coke, whatever you call it, 5/6J love them! And it would seem so does the rest of the world!

cup 4 cup 3 cup 2

cup 1

But where do all those slushie cups end up? Is there a better design?

rubbish 1

Should our canteen start bring your own cup, like 7-11 did in America?


Can we make the slushie cup more cost effective and better for the environment?

rubbish 2

Now it’s your turn 5/6J to come up with a great design!


Anzac Ceremony

Last Week our school held its annual Anzac Day Assembly. Last Term Stage 3 were able to attend the Penrith RSL Anzac Service. We attended along with all schools in the Penrith District, and we presented a wreath of homemade poppies. All our students were very respectful, even in the heat and the waiting time.


Creepy Castle Descriptions

Good authors have a talent in creating a picture in the reader’s mind using descriptive language. When writing, take the time to describe the setting and scenes properly.

Don’t TELL your reader everything, SHOW them through your vocabulary.

Rather than saying It was raining heavily.

Write  Heavy droplets pounded against the window pane as the murky clouds obscured her view.

Make sure you not only describe what the reader could SEE, but also what they could feel, hear, smell and taste if they were in the scene.

Check out these amazing creepy castles!

Can you write an amazing 5 line description of a castle?

CreepyCastle castle_corridor_by_tesparg-d3k4qt3 537e3894dbff22ed7deee07a70a48c72 darek-zabrocki-castle-transylvania 45691

5/6J, Log in and type your description as a comment!