Computer Task Week 7

This term, 5/6J have been learning about having a healthy lifestyle. We have made story birds with advice and also searched the internet for facts about food.

When 5/6J visited Healthy Harold last term we looked at the negative effects that smoking has on the body.


Have you forgotten all the reasons why smoking is bad for you? Visit THIS SITE to watch the video and read the article.

What do you know about the risks associated with smoking? Click here to take THE QUIZ.

Do you think smoking is harmful for the environment? CLICK HERE to find out.

Check out THIS GAME to practice your skills and knowledge.

Here are some kids who are worried about smoking, check out THEIR LETTERS. Visit some other pages on this site to get all the facts and all the risks!

Visit POPPLET.COM to make a popplet about the dangers of smoking. A popplet looks like this:

popplets_ForSchoolDetailWhen you have made your popplet, save it as a jpeg in your drive and email it to Miss B!


Visit the link in the top line to Healthy Harold to have a look around his great site!



Persuasive Text Revision

We have been looking at some Persuasive texts in class, both written and in the form of advertising. 

We have also  been discussing some writing techniques authors use to make their writing more convincing. 

Leave us a comment and tell us some persuasive writing techniques that you know!


Click here and here to complete some activities online about persuasive texts.