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This term 5/6J read J.A White’s novel “The Thickety”. We LOVED it. Definitely our favourite book of 2014.

At the end of term 5/6J had to select some homework tasks based on the novel. Here were the tasks that the students could chose from:


Below is a gallery of some of the students’ awesome work!

It was fun to read everyone’s tasks; you could really tell how much the students in 5/6J got involved in the book and the characters.

We are waiting with baited breath for the sequel, out in 2015! Oh and please please please someone make this novel into a movie! Until then, go here to watch the book trailer!

Here are some other samples of the students’ great work!

10 commandments sanjana

Clearer Advertisement- gabby

the ten commandments – gabby

Letter for Kara- gabby

sanjana – questions

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At our 50th Anniversary Fete we had a special Art Show. All students from KSPS had an artwork on display and they were for sale! We made these awesome hot air balloon portraits. Great job 5/6J!

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Getting to the pointy end of the Term! 

Still 3 more weeks to go, 13 days in fact!

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Phew, what a huge week last week celebrating our 50th Anniversary! And what fun we had on the fete day!

Anyway, back to work this week for 5/6J, here is our morning routine post it board!

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It’s our 50th Anniversary this week! Happy Birthday Kingswood South!

We can’t wait till the fete this Saturday. Until then, check out what we have been learning about!

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5/6J have been learning how to make animations. We have already created one with abcya’s animate online tool.

Our next animation project is to create an animation using a program called Pivot Animator. This free program allows you to create stick figure animations with a few simple commands!


Not only are the members of 5/6J going to create their own animation, but they also have to teach the Year 1 students from 1G and K/1L how to make an animation!


Here is a great video that explains how to use Pivot animator. 


You can even download it for you home computer by visiting the Pivot site.

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This week we will continue to learn about earthquakes and the history of the continents. In health we will be talking about personal safety and how to respond in an emergency. 

Visit our wall to read about what we learn in Morning Routine! 

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Check out these fantastic animations we made using ABCYA’s Animate program.

Maybe you could have a go yourself, its very easy!

adam animation JAKOB ariel 2 blake hayley and kawana Hershey's animation isabell Josiahs ANIMATION kirsty lee pharman sanjana 1 sanjana 2 seth and hally thomas Victorias's anamations

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Another busy week of learning ahead! See what we learn in Morning Routine on our sticky note board.

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This term we are going to be creating some animations. An animation is defined as:

the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence.

Animation can be made in 3 ways. Firstly hand drawn comics and cartoons like ‘The Simpsons’, clay modelling like ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and 3D animation created digitally with a 3D art program like ‘Toy Story’. 

Our first animation will be created using a free online program. The program looks like this and it is really easy to use!

For our first activity the steps are:

1. Choose a background

2. Choose images and objects and manipulate them on each frame. 

3. Draw some simple lines and shapes if needed.

4. Save your animation as a GIF file

Here is Miss B’s first animation!

Miss B animation fish

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