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We have been busy again this week in Morning Routine, check out all the new knowledge we have learnt!


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For our 50th Anniversary Art show next term, each class is presenting one artwork for each student. 5/6J are making hot air balloon self portraits!

We will be using photographs of ourselves for the portrait and are going to paint colourful hot air balloons and a sky.

Miss B went up in a hot air balloon in Turkey, here are some of her photos. Notice the patterns and colours used on the canvas of the balloons. 

Lesley Olver is a watercolour artist from the United Kingdom. She has created these colourful paintings of hot air balloons.


Print of watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley OlverPrint of watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley OlverPrint of watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley Olver

Print of watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley OlverOriginal watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley OlverOriginal watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley Olver

Print of watercolour painting of hot air balloons by artist Lesley Olver

I can’t wait to see what sorts of hot air balloons 5/6J create!  Click here to see some other students’ examples.

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This term in science we will be learning all about BREAD.


One of the most important ingredients in bread is flour. But what is flour, where does it come from and how is it made.

Flour is made from grinding up different grains. The most commonly used grain for bread is WHEAT.

Add to the forum something you already know about WHEAT, GRAINS and/or FLOUR

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What do you already know about wheat, grain and flour? 17victoria56j

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Wheat all starts with a grain. Let’s go read about a grain! Read carefully, and take notes in your book if you need to.

You will be asked to write something you learned on this blog! CLICK HERE!

Let’s now look at the farming process. Click the link below to see how wheat is farmed. Once again, read carefully.


Now that you have learnt about what grain is and the farming of grain, you can add to the forum below and share some new knowledge. 

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What do you NOW know about wheat and grains? 10victoria56j

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Last term both 5/6J and 5/6R got to visit Kingswood High School for 2 days to participate in an Adobe Film Making Workshop. We were super excited! 

Mr Creighton from Kingswood High taught us how to use the program Adobe Premier Pro, which is what is used in film and TV studios all over the world to make films.

It looked very technical, but our Stage 3 students took to it like a duck in water, being digital natives and all. Miss B and Mrs R were amazed at how intuitively everyone navigated there way through the many, many commands and tasks in Adobe Premier Pro.

Within hours we were out on an adventure to film a short movie in groups, following a pre-determined script. The focus was on using as many different camera angles as possible to make the film interesting.

We watched this video below of extreme bike stuntman Danny MacAskill to get the idea (and we all loved it because we are learning about extreme sports!)


Once we had collected heaps of footage we returned to the film classroom to use Adobe Premier Pro to create a short film, chopping and editing scenes, adding opening and closing credits and  music. 


For day two, we had to write our own scripts, film all the footage and edit it to create a short film.The film had to be based around a chase scene.

After our script writing workshop (including nominating a range of camera angles) we headed out again to film all the scenes.

Then we were working towards deadline, editing and composing our films, exporting them to show to the class!

Here are some of our finished products. We had 4 groups of 7, so there are 4 different story lines. Each pair edited the film a little differently, so we ended up with approximately 12 different films on each day!

The Stolen Phone

The Mysterious Friend

Bullying is not Ok

The Stolen Cash version 1

Bully Bags

The Stolen Cash version 2.


What a great experience! Thanks to KHS and Mr Creighton having us for the week and thanks to all the KHS students who were our mentors throughout the film making workshops.

One of the mentors put together this video which is an overview of our 2 days at KHS. 


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Click here to see what we learnt this week in Morning Routine!

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Last term 5/6J had to create a slideshow using the website We had been learning about healthy lifestyles and ways that people can be healthy, as well as things that may stop them from being healthy.

We also participated in the challenge, “Live outside the box” where we tracked our healthy choices for 2 weeks. 

Here are some of our slideshows, finished and unfinished:

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After studying Kandinsky, we created our own abstract artwork focusing on using lines and shapes. We chose to use oil pastel crayons as they have a thick application and a bright, vivid colour saturation.

Those people that finished early got to paint a square for our Kandinsky Mural, photos coming soon!

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This term we are writing and reading all about Adventure and Extreme Sports. We have a project to do, which you can read all about here: adventure sports project.

Here are some photos of Miss B doing adventure sports!

IMG_3865 mile5-1100-steph 012 mile5-1100-steph 016 8. Me on Rhys 19. So we're lost and heading down a 45 degree hill, horses are real calm - not! 116 One wrong footing and down into the gaps!113 Our high tech gear!  119 Me and Nat explore the ice

Here are some photos Miss B took on the June Long Weekend when she saw some hang gliders at Bald Head Lookout, on the way to Wollongong.

Miss B even filmed a video from the lookout. You can hear how windy it is in the video! Great for hang gliders!


In the last week of term 5/6J students need to write a magazine article based on an extreme sport, either wingsuiting, kite surfing, big wave surfing or canyoning.  Our audience for our magazine article is to aim it to a reading audience of teenagers (who no doubt want to try an extreme sport).

Our double page magazine article (in the style of the World of Knowledge Magazine) must have:



Introduction, Body, Conclusion of text. 

Each student can also select 4 or more EXTRA text features to put on their page.

Label Glossary Caption Diagram
Sub Heading Bold text Text Box Quote
Time Line Pronunciation Guide Italic Text Coloured Text
Key Words Drawing Fancy Capitalisation Bullet points
Side Bar Source Footnote Icon


We have loved watching videos and looking at amazing photographs of all these adventure sports!

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This term we are creating artworks in the style of Wassily Kandinsky (VAH-see-lee    Kahn-DEEN-skee).

Kandinsky LOVED  colour. He was an excellent  musician as  well as an artist.  He thought that  colour and music had a lot in common. He said:

“Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul”.

He was also one of the first abstract artists.


Our first Kandinksy artwork is an abstract, colourful piece, like this one below!


Use some of these Kandinsky artworks for inspiration!





The artwork below is called “Heavy Red”. We will be completing a class mural on this later this term!

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It is important when reading informative texts that we understand why they can include so many text features.

Some text features are:


Here is a link to some websites with factual, informative texts on them. Choose one at a time to check out.

What text features are on these sites? 

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