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Fantasy creatures feature in LOTS of stories we love reading, from Kindergarten picture books up to young adult fantasy  / adventure novels. They are used by authors to help create movies in your mind of fantastical creatures with extraordinary features and powers. 

Good writers use descriptive phrases, noun groups, similes and other devices to describe these creatures.

Good readers conjure up vivid images in their mind of how the creature looks and acts.

Here is a POPPLET Miss B made about the sleek from ‘Song For A Scarlet Runner’.

the sleek











Now it’s your turn to use descriptive phrases!

Choose one ( or ALL! ) of the links below to visit boards where you can add descriptive words and phrases about how these fantasy creatures look and how they might act and move. 

Shimmering light!

Beware the deep!

Is it a tiger?

UFO sighting?




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Last Thursday 12 KSPS choir members performed at the Opera House as part of the Pulse Western Sydney Concert. We travelled to the city by train and had lunch at Circular Quay. We had to rehearse all afternoon in the Concert Hall. In between the rehearsal and Dinner we walked around the Opera House forecourt and got to see a cruise ship leaving the harbour. 

After dinner at City Extra we headed back to the Opera House to perform! Finally at 9.30pm we were finished and got to head home! A big day!

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Our hot air balloon self portraits are coming along nicely. We have drawn and painted our balloons with acrylic paint, along with the baskets. We took photos of ourselves ready to position ourselves in the baskets. The canvases have arrived and are awaiting our painting of the sky.

Outlining the painted designs with black marker of our balloons really helps the design stand out! And as for the scented markers, if it is too much, put a peg on your nose!

IMG_8458 IMG_8457 IMG_8456 IMG_8455

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Check out what we are learning about this week in Morning Routine. Visit our sticky note board!

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What a huge week for Stage 3!  We had TWO visits to Kingswood High School, The Ned Show, NAIDOC Celebrations, Open Classrooms, PSSA and a Special Assembly!

Here are some photos of us enjoying Indigenous Art and our trips to Kingswood High School for World of Maths and Multicultural Day.

Thank you to all the Stage 3 students who participated in the week’s activities with enthusiasm and did a great job representing our school.

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Visit our ideas board to see what we have learnt about this week in Morning Routine!

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For our NAIDOC week celebrations we are having a session of Indigenous PE games and an art session where we get to create a dot painting on a boomerang or a hand print.


To read more about dot painting and the different symbols used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders click here.

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A great day had by all 5/6J competitors at last week’s Athletics Carnival!

5/6J students, add a comment and tell us;

What was your favourite event on the day?

What were your results?

Do you think you made it to district? 

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This term we are learning how to Synthesise when we read. Synthesising is when your thinking changes or evolves as you read. 


You can visit the website “Into the book” to complete an activity about Synthesising.

Step 1: Go to the website and click ‘Kids’ (skip login)

Step 2: In the Students Area click ‘Synthesising’. Click ‘Part Part Whole’.

Step 2: Listen to the Introduction and Watch the video.

Step 3: Click ‘Try it Yourself’ and do the activity. Repeat with different starting images!

Now that you know the steps, you can visit the site and get started!

Click the image below!

into the book



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 Last term 5/6J students had to complete a project on an Adventure Sport. They got to choose the sport and the activities they wanted to complete.

Everyone did a fantastic job! Check out these images of some of the students’ chosen activities. 

Here are some electronic projects you can view!

Brooke’s PowerPoint on Horse Riding


Nathan’s PowerPoint on Wakeboarding

Josiah’s PowerPoint on Parkour

Pharman’s PowerPoint on Skateboarding

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