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We created a pastel artwork based on the Saguaro Cactus and the rock buttes found in Monument Valley, Utah/Colorado, USA. We thought it would make a great setting for a narrative.

We looked at lots of photos for inspiration first, practising our drawing skills.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

 Photo courtesy of

 After sketching our desert landscapes we used chalk pastels to colour them, blending, shading and smudging to create different techniques!

Check them out in the slideshow below.

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Our annual Wacky Hair Day and Easter Hat Parade was on the last day of Term 1, 2014. 5/6J joined in the fun by wearing their wacky hairdos and partaking in the parade.

Afterwards we got to visit the P&C’s cake stall and buy a cold drink. Luckily it was sunny after a week of rain!  A fun way to end the term. Happy Holidays and Happy Easter to the 5/6J members.

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Despite the rain (that just got heavier and heavier!) we all did our best at the Cross Country carnival on Thursday 10th April.

Every single 5/6J member finished all 2km or 3km of their race, with many qualifying for district.

A great achievement!

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Learning Intention: We are learning to determine the most important points in factual and persuasive texts. 

When we read we have to decide what is important and what is just details. We can’t possibly remember EVERYTHING we read, so we need to sort the information in our brain. 

We need to find the Very Important Points, or VIPs.

determining importance

The VIPs you look for will depend on the purpose, that is WHY the author wrote it in the first place, and WHY you are reading it.

When you know the VIPs, you use them to retell, reflect and summarise the information. 

You can practise finding the most important information at this site – Into The Book. You need to click the TORCH.

You will need a log in key, (check the clipboard 5/6J).

into the book



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Some students of 5/6J visited Warragamba Dam last week and a GPT and did some tree planting. This year, the dam was about 75% full. Last time Miss B was there in 2011 it was about 80% full. You can see those photos here.

While we were at Warragamba Dam we heard the story about the incredible eels that get released through the dam’s gates and travel downstream all the way to the ocean, and then across the Pacific to Vanuatu to have their babies. The baby eels then migrate all the way back to the Dam and climb back in!  You can read more about it by clicking here: Incredible Eel Migration.

Thanks to all that came to make it a great day!

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Our artwork this term is all about Settings in Narratives. our first setting was a castle. Thank you Deep Space Sparkle for the lesson idea!

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5/6J are now starting a new writing and reading focus - Persuasive texts!

Being able to persuade and convince people to agree with you is a powerful life skill. Even if you are three years old and want cupcakes for dinner!

Watch this toddler argue with his mother, great persuasive skills at 3 years old!


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Learning Intention: We are learning to identify the theme of the books we read.

Here are some of the most common themes found in non fiction books.















Image courtesy of

Watch these two videos that discuss the common themes of literary texts and some of the lessons that the characters and readers learn along the way. 



Visit this site to make a word cloud of all the themes you know are in stories and texts! Save your word cloud to the desktop and include your names as the title.


Finished early? Write a comment telling me a book you know that has one of the 12 most common themes.

Set out your comment like this:

Hi Miss B,

Theme: Courage

Text: Sebby Stee, the Garbos and Me

Evidence: Mikey tries to be brave when he ventures out with his older brother to steal the garbo’s beer. He also shows courage when he eventually stands up to his older brother.

From Bosco



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Themes in Books

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Every book we read has a theme,  sometimes more than one! But what is the theme?

Image courtesy of


The ‘theme’ is the message that the author is trying to communicate with the reader.

Authors use clues to show us the theme, so we need to be able to infer the underlying messages and topics.


Some people might confuse theme with the plot of a story. But the plot of story refers to something to what the author is actually writing about. The plot of the story includes the characters, the setting, the events—these are things that are stated in the text.

Beneath the novel’s surface lies its true meaning, or its theme.  A  theme usually relates to the author’s statement or opinion on the topic. It’s an idea that connects the whole story.

Usually the theme of the story can be inferred from the characters themselves. The character’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, reflections and discoveries. What they learn throughout their experiences can give the readers an idea of the theme running throughout the story.

For instance, the plot of Harry Potter is based on the Wizarding World and his time at Hogwarts throughout his teenage years. But the story itself has many themes—friendship, love, sacrifice, good versus evil.

Fairy tales and fables often have obvious themes with a matching life lesson or moral. In Aesop’s fable “The Hare and The Tortoise”, the moral of the story is ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’. The ‘theme’ of  ”The Hare and The Tortoise” is PERSISTENCE. 

Don’t know the  ”The Hare and The Tortoise” fable? Click here to go read it!


Here are some other of Aesop’s Fables for you to go and watch / read.

Can you work out the moral of the story and the theme? 


The Dog and the Wolf

The Wind and the Sun

The Eagle and the Arrow

The Lion and The Mouse

The Hare with Many Friends

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The Ant and the Grasshopper


What books have you read that have a theme? What were the themes in your books? Leave a comment and let us know!

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