100 Days of Learning

On Friday 20th July, KSPS celebrated our 100th Day of Learning. We have been counting all the days in our morning routine.


To celebrate we had a mufti day and had the choice to bring in something to do with 100 or wear something to do with 100.

Rebecca bought in 100 5c coins, Cherie had sewn 100 buttons onto a cushion, Jessica and Sean wore necklaces of 100 pieces of pasta, Brianna and Vaya wore necklaces of 100 beads and Kristina even wore 100 hair elastics! Miss B wore 100 pieces of jewellery. Bryce made a construction out of 100 pieces of lego.

At assembly we learned what all the classes have been doing in 100 days. 5/6J presented 100 facts we have learnt! We also had guest speakers from the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL team.

Upcoming Assembly Item

Less than a week till the robot dancers of 5/6J hit the stage, in their robot masks (see photo below).  We have been working on our hip hop and robotic dancing for two terms, and everyone in the class has contributed to the choreography of the dance!

The song we are using is ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk. Check out the wacky robot in the film clip below! A few more rehearsals and we should be all good for next week. And to add to the excitement, we get to show it off in the brand new hall!