Pop Art Andy Warhol Portraits

After studying some artworks by famous artist Andy Warhol, 5/6J created their own portraits. Pop art was an art movement in the sixties where artists portrayed popular culture. Warhol produced artworks on famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, as well as depicting everyday famous products, such as Campbell’s soup.

We used a photograph of ourselves as a guide for our sketch. This sketch was then photocopied 4 times. Our final step was to paint the four portraits using different colours.

Check out our sketches and artworks below!

Topics for comments:

Who is your favourite artist?

What kind of art do you enjoy doing the most?

What did you learn about Any Warhol after clicking the links above?

What kind of artwork do you want to do next term?

5/6J are Ad Detectives!

5/6J can’t believe that Miss B told them to watch TV for homework! Well sort of…

We have been ‘Ad Detectives’ in the last 2 weeks, discovering all the different ways companies advertise products and how advertising can influence our personal identity, as well as the choices we make about what we eat, wear, buy, etc etc.

These techniques include product placement, celebrity endorsement and subliminal advertising (see video below). We have also critically analysed how specific companies target children! Everyone in 5/6J agreed that they had been influenced to buy something because of an ad, or at least they have nagged mum and dad when they were at the shops!

Great work 5/6J as ‘Ad Detectives’. You will need all this information for your next task – creating your own ad!

Leave a comment about what you have noticed as an ‘Ad Detective’ lately!