Using Storybird to Write a Narrative

5/6J’s ICT task this term is to make a short narrative using the website storybird. It needs to be in the style of a picture book with up to 10 pages.

The audience of our picture books is a year 1 class at our school. We will be giving them to 1G so the students of 5/6J had to think carefully about creating a picture book for such a young audience!

When writing narratives we need to think about a simple, interesting plot with something to HOOK the reader, and the use of unusual and descriptive vocabulary!


Here is a sample narrative picture book Miss B created:

The Name of this Book is SECRET!

This term we have started reading “The Name of This Book is Secret” by Psuedonymous Bosch.

It is the first book in a series about characters Cass (Casandra) and Max Ernest.


This week’s Literacy Group Task is all about THIS BOOK!

First of all, watch this video:

Now visit this website and look around at pages on the books too.

Pseudonymous Bosch is a Pseudonym. But what’s that?  Read here to find out.

Click here to read a review of the novel!

We read recently that Cass is named after the legend of Cassandra, read about it here!

Miss B (as you know) loves her artists and art works, and she thinks that Max Ernest is named after the famous artist ‘Max Ernst’. Read about the artist and see his work here.

And is it a coincidence that Pseudonymous Bosch sounds a lot like ‘Hieronymus Bosch’, another famous artist? See his work here and here!

Leave a comment and try to answer one of these questions!

Why do you think the author is using a pseudonym?

What did you find out about the first book?

Are you interested in reading these books?  Why or Why not?

How is this book different from other novels we (or you) have read?


The Watertower

For the last couple of weeks 5/6J have been reading, studying, discussing, pondering, theorising and writing about “The Watertower” and its sequel “Beneath the Surface”, written by Gary Crew and Illustrated by Steve Woolman.


We spent hours analysing the illustrations, searching for clues, trying to piece together the story… What happened to Spike and Bubba? This is an excellent book to capture readers, as the ending leaves the story wide open for individual interpretations… Even if this is a little frustrating!

beneath the surface

The class were asked to continue the story of “Beneath the Surface”, and everyone let their ideas run wild, thoroughly enjoyable to read. Well done guys!

So tell me 5/6J… What do YOU think happened to Spike and Bubba?