Miss B’s Trip to Borneo!

What an amazing place Sabah is!
Sabah is a state of Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo. My trip started in Kota Kinabalu, the capital. This was a good base to go out to the islands and go snorkeling. Lots to see underwater!
Along with ten other travellers we then headed into the jungle for a night. Sleeping in huts you could hear animals all around you, we spied some in the trees – monkeys! It was very hot and felt like 100% humidity! A visit to the Orangutan Sanctuary was a great way to start 2010, what amazing creatures orangutans are. Next we had to do our two day hike of Mt Kinabalu, South East Asia’s tallest mountain at 4097m above sea level. Day one was an 8km climb, up steps, rocks and wooden stairs. I reached the guest house after 9 hours and boy was I tired! We then had to get up at 2am and hike another 2.7km to the summit, in the dark and it was about 0 degrees! I didn’t make it to the summit, I was exhausted from climbing, but the views were amazing from Laban Rata, the guest house, which is at an altitude of 3350m. Then we had to get down – 6km of steps! My legs ached! Luckily we spent the last two days at the beach swimming and snorkeling again!
Check out some of my photos by clicking on them in the slideshow below. I took about 800 so here is a small sample!

Animals in Borneo

During our ten days in Borneo we saw orangutans, proboscis monkeys, long tailed monkeys, silver leaf monkeys, gibbons, wild pigs, snakes, huge monitor lizards, squirrels, hornbill birds, spiders, huge earthworms and millipedes, insects, leeches, fish, coral, eels…. It was like being in a zoo, but without fences!

We didn’t get to see any pigmy elephants but we saw their poo, missed them by three days!  We also didn’t see any sun bears, turtles or crocodiles, you have to keep your eyes peeled.  I saw a whole family of Nemo clown fish when I went snorkeling, and so many colourful fish, including a dog-faced puffer fish! At Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary we got to see heaps of orangutans in the wild, where they were returning to the special feeding platforms. These are the most amazing animals in the world! Look out in the photos for Mimi and her baby Cecil, and Sogu Sogu, a cheeky five year old orangutan who was right above my head!

We also visited the Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, where they feed the humorous, crazy orange monkeys with weird noses!  We then got to hand feed some Silver leaf monkeys string beans. The hornbill bird has ivory on it’s beak, amazing!

Check out my photos by clicking on them in the Slideshow below.