Picasso’s Guitars

This term we have been learning about the famous modern artist, Pablo Picasso. As well as being  famous for painting lots of portraits, Picasso also  included lots of instruments in his artworks, such as guitars and violins. Many times the instruments were the focus of the painting, making them a still life.  Sometimes though he included them with people as part of a portrait.

Here are some of Picasso’s famous artworks of guitars.




Our next artwork will be some drawings of groovy guitars!

Is this video groovy enough?

Picasso Faces

The Art Gallery of NSW is currently having an exhibition of artwork by Pablo Picasso.

Picasso is one of the world’s most famous and successful painters. He was born in 1881 in Spain and died in 1973. Some of his artworks sell for millions of dollars. He produced so much artwork in his life, about 50,000 artworks, including 1,885 paintings; 1,228 sculptures; 2,880 ceramics, roughly 12,000 drawings, many thousands of prints, and numerous tapestries and rugs.


You can learn more about Picasso here.


Some of Picasso’s famous artworks include these bright, colourful, surrealist faces. Picasso painted important women in his life, like his wives and girlfriends. Check out some of these below.

But he seems to have mixed up the faces!





Picasso is well known for creating artworks in the style of cubism. Cubist artworks looked very geometric and are full of 2D shapes. Some of Picasso’s faces look very cubist.

Would you like to create your own online Picasso Head?  Check out Miss B’s attempt!

Here’s a great art lesson to create your own Picasso face. Find 3 different magazine faces. One front on, one turned upside down and one taken on the profile. Cut facial features from two and glue onto the other face to make a Picasso face jigsaw!


Use your jigsaw face as a model to sketch the face. Use bright coloured paint and black outline to colour!

5/6J members, What do you think of Picasso’s faces?  Paste your comment on our wall wisher discussion!