Pop Rocks Fun

Last term we created a blown up balloon using a mixture of Lemonade Soda and Pop Rocks. We tested normal lemonade and sugar free and we changed the size of the plastic bottle and how much liquid we put in.

Afterwards we all got to taste some pop rocks and enjoy the popping inside our mouths!


Electricity Fun!

This term 5/6J are learning about Electricity. We have been making circuits and testing bulbs and batteries. We studied how a torch and a light globe works, where the power source is and what those little electron things are.

First of all 5/6J students, can you add something to this wall about what you have learnt so far?




Now visit these sites:

Read the information at this website and then do the quiz to test yourselves!

We have been practising the correct way to draw electrical circuits. Test your circuit designs to see if they work here. 

More making circuits fun at this site.

Oscar? Or Oskar in this game? 

Miss B couldn’t get this activity to work. Can you?

This site is a great combination of learning about circuits and completing online activities

And this is the site where I got all these activities from, but there’s a lot more for you to check out!

If you have visited all the sites why don’t you write a comment letting 5/6J and Miss B know what sort of activities you would like to do with electricity?


Testing Solids

Last week we tested a range of solids.


We tested the following properties:


Elasticity: Can the solid be stretched?

Malleability: Can the solid be manipulated into different shapes?

Brittleness: Is the solid hard, but will break or crumble easily?

Hardness: Can you scratch the surface of the solid?


We also tested the strength of the solid.Tensile strength means the

solid can withstand being pulled from end to end and Compressive

strength means the solid can withstand being squashed.


The solids we tested were a bar of soap, steel wool, corn flour, playdough, chalk, elastic bands and marbles.



Runny Races

Last week we did an experiment to test the viscosity of different liquids.

We tested water, detergent and shampoo. Check out what happened!


CONCLUSION: The water was the least viscous as it flowed extremely fast. The detergent was more viscous than water; it flowed slowly. The liquid with the most viscosity was the shampoo as it resisted flow for a while, taking a long time to reach the ground.

Art Sculptures

We have been working so hard on these sculptures! As part of our Science unit of work on Packaging, we had to design and make a package for these kinetic sculptures to sell at Market Day. Here is the video we watched to learn how to make them:



And here are some photographs of the finished products ready for Market Day! The packaging looks great everyone, and meets the design brief!

But behold, see them in action!


Sold out on Market Day! Great job 5/6J! Thanks to Blick Art Supplies for the idea!