Breadmaking in 5/6J

Yast week as part of our science lessons on Marvelous Microorganisms, we made bread! We have been studying the science of breadmaking and the role of yeast. Here are some photos of the process, we fol... Read More

Pop Rocks Fun

Last term we created a blown up balloon using a mixture of Lemonade Soda and Pop Rocks. We tested normal lemonade and sugar free and we changed the size of the plastic bottle and how much liquid we pu... Read More

Electricity Fun!

This term 5/6J are learning about Electricity. We have been making circuits and testing bulbs and batteries. We studied how a torch and a light globe works, where the power source is and what those li... Read More

Space Art

Finally!   Here is our space art from Term 3 that we completed with Chalk Pastel. Thanks for the video startwister @ youtube, we used your artwork as our guide!  ... Read More

Testing Solids

Last week we tested a range of solids.   We tested the following properties:   Elasticity: Can the solid be stretched? Malleability: Can the solid be manipulated into different shapes? Britt... Read More

Art Sculptures

We have been working so hard on these sculptures! As part of our Science unit of work on Packaging, we had to design and make a package for these kinetic sculptures to sell at Market Day. Here is the ... Read More