Picasso’s Guitars

This term we have been learning about the famous modern artist, Pablo Picasso. As well as being  famous for painting lots of portraits, Picasso also  included lots of instruments in his artworks, such as guitars and violins. Many times the instruments were the focus of the painting, making them a still life.  Sometimes though he included them with people as part of a portrait.

Here are some of Picasso’s famous artworks of guitars.




Our next artwork will be some drawings of groovy guitars!

Is this video groovy enough?

Wallace and Gromit: “The Snoozatron”

“The Snoozatron”

The snoozatron is a device invented by Wallace, from ‘Wallace and Gromit’. Wallace made this device to help him get to sleep. It is a series of machines that helps him count sheep.


When Wallace pulls a lever, a loud bell rings in Gromits room, this causes him to wake up as he has a job to do as part of the snoozatron. First, some robot hands descend from the ceiling and fluff up Wallace’s pillows and mattress. After that a mechanical claw drops a hot water bottle into Wallace’s lap. Another claw enters from side and produces a teddy bear for Wallace to cuddle. When the picture of the wall opens, a gramaphone (an old fashioned record player) starts playing a lullaby.


Once all this has occurred, Wallace calls out to Gromit. Gromit (who is now in his sheep outfit) stands downstairs under Wallace’s room, ready to be projected through a trapdoor into Wallace’s room. As Gromit bounces on a spring, Wallace counts him as a sheep. This continues until Wallace falls asleep.


Unluckily for Gromit, he cannot escape the ‘Snoozatron’ until the dial on the sheep counting lever returns to zero!



Ok 5/6J and our visitors-  What do you think of Miss B’s explanation of the Snoozatron?

Can you find:              technical language?           action verbs?              time connectives              and               cause and effect language?

Let’s compare this text to the rubric, will it be:        limited?           basic? sound?             high?            outstanding?

Your turn 5/6J!  Let’s write an explanation of Wallace and Gromits’ Soccamatic!

Beach Landscape Drawing

Last term we started learning some new drawing techniques to create a beach landscape. As we have been learning about Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand, we have wistfully been dreaming of hot beaches with palm trees nearer the equator!

So this youtube video and accompanying ‘How to’ videos was our perfect holiday without a holiday drawing task! We did a similar artwork last year, you can check it out here.

We followed pinsetter’s 4 videos showing us techniques for drawing a sky with clouds, the ocean, sand and finally palm trees.

We used charcoal, 2B-6B pencils, kneadable erasers and tortillions – A.K.A ‘blending sticks’.

Here are our results! We learned a lot of new skills, and were  amazed at all the things we could do with just black and white!

Some artworks have such good features that they were better than Miss B’s!

So 5/6J and our visitors, what do you think of our beach landscapes?

Please leave us a comment :)

Wrapping up our Landscape Art

Here are the artworks that we created in the last week of last term. We moved from using chalks, pencil and charcoal to using paint. Following another fabulous youtube video, we attempted to create a Misty Forest Landscape.

The techniques we used were laying the trees from light to dark, then adding shadow to create a 3D effect. We focused on using only one colour and then making tints and tones using black and white paint. This style of painting is often referred to as Monochromatic Painting.

Check them out!  Tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for our Stage 3 artworks – Abstract, Sculpture and Kinetic Art!

More superstar artworks!

Inspired by the Tyler’sArtShack Channel on Youtube, 5/6J attempted to recreate Tyler’s mountain artwork, following his video tutorial. Miss B even did an artwork too, so it was a learning curve all round! Wow, some fantastic blending occurred! It was so awesome to get all the little tips as we watched the tutorials.

Here is part 3 of the video tutorials:

We knew our artworks would not look as good as Tyler’s. But we encouraged each other to persevere. The room was full of encouraging comments:

‘Yours looks great!’

‘Don’t worry if it’s not perfect…’

‘Just have a go’

‘It’s all exploring’

‘But do YOU like it?’

‘Art is meant to be fun, so just enjoy the process’

And here are our artworks!              Wowza!