Learning Intention: To create a landscape that uses one point perspective as a way to show depth in an artwork.

Artists use perspective
to show depth in their artworks.

There is three types of perspective, one point, two point and three point perspective.

One point perspective was first seen in many artworks from the Renaissance. It is also known as Linear Perspective.





To create one point perspective you need a horizon line, a vanishing point and orthogonal lines. Can you identify these in the image below?

Copy Of One Point Perspective - Lessons - Tes Teach


We are going to create an artwork using linear perspective. But first, let’s do some practicing! 

One Point Perspective Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Figures and Buildings  and Shapes in 1 Pt Perspective with Easy Tutorials

You can have a lot of fun with One Point Perspective.






Now lets look at two point perspective. For this you need 2 VANISHING POINTS!

2 Point Perspective - Mr Gast's Art

Two Point Perspective - Lessons - Tes Teach


A simple 2-point perspective castle drawing. | One point perspective, Point  perspective, Perspective lessons

2 Point Perspective Castles - Art with Mrs. Peroddy

Lesson 25: A Castle in Two-Point Perspective (You Can Draw in 30 Days)

Real Life Examples

Vermeer and Perspective

Understanding Linear Perspective in Art : A Guide to Types of Perspective

2 thoughts on “Art Term 3 – Perspective”

  1. Hi to Miss B and Miss B’s class.
    I loved your perspective artwork. I share a Year 3/4 with another teacher who LOVES art and I am definitely going to show her your fantastic work. I think she will be very interested in how you studied some classical art to learn about perspective. What was the hardest part about doing your own pieces?
    Keep up the great work!
    Mary from Holy Spirit, North Ringwood


  2. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your comment. I love art too and I love using the blog to teach art to my class and to showcase their great work. Those artworks at the bottom (of the road and tree perspective) are just examples of what we are going to do, I got those from another great art site http://www.artsonia.com (search the gallery for lesson ideas). BUT when we do do our version of perspective, I’ll post them here so all can see!

    We started today and already we are finding it a little tricky to get the lines in the right direction, following the orthogonal lines.

    Thanks for visiting our blog! We’ll check out your class too.

    Love Miss B and 5/6J.

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