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  1. I just discovered your article about space art, using my work as guideline. I´m deeply honored! It´s awesome to see, that my work is put to good use. Hope you had fun! Thank you very much for this honor.

    Best wishes to all those artists, who did put so much creativity into “the great white”.

    Rafael Kempter aka Startwister

  2. Hi Rafael,

    Thanks for your comment! We loved doing the space art. Youtube is a great way for students to be inspired to create art as they can follow along with the videos and see the artistic process. Whenever I show my students the finished artworks that they are going to create they panic and say ‘no way! I can’t do that!’ But as we follow videos like yours they discover that they can create great artworks as the process does not seem as daunting. So thanks for helping teachers and classes make art more accessible!

    Miss B and 5/6J

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, Youtube can be a great platform – however, there are only few artists, who made it “big”. It´s really hard to get off the ground as an artist on youtube. Visual art does not even have a category on YT, and we tried several times, to get youtube/googles attention, without success. But projects like yours show me, that not all hope is lost, and that art has still some value.
    My main goal is indeed to show, that the creation of such drawings and paintings is not difficult. I myself am a rather lazy person, who doesn´t want to spend weeks, or even months on one piece of art. I´m using techniques, that are easy to learn, and help getting great looking results in a short ammount of time. And I keep repeating in my videos, that I´m not a great artist, I never studied painting, and with a little time and practise, everyone can do it.

    Keep your students being creative and using their imagination. Those things get lost more and more.
    Best wishes

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