We are learning to determine what is important when we read.


We can’t remember everything we read, so we can remember some of the important bits, and of course some of the more interesting bits.



Here are some facts about Mt Everest. Vote if you think they are really important or just interesting!


If you have finished the quiz, visit this site to read more amazing facts about Everest.


Or check out the 360 degree street view of base camp or up the mountain!


Why not leave a comment sharing what you have learnt about Mt Everest?

53 thoughts on “What’s Important about Mt Everest!”

  1. Miss B
    That quiz was very hard I’ve tried 2 times and still not right.


  2. Miss B that quiz i got 3 wrong but thats ok
    someday i would like to see Mount Everest

    summalee 34/l

  3. I didn’t know that 120 people climbed Mt Everest to try to get to the summit and then died trying. I wonder how many people have made it to the summit can you and your class tell me.

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