This term 3J is starting Genius Hour. This is when students in 3J will have an hour of time to work on the computers researching and learning about any topic they want!

To record and present their learning students will be working in their Google Drive, creating Google Docs (word documents) and Google Slides (slideshows like Powerpoint).

Students can access their Google Drive by going through their student portal


To find your Google Drive log in to the student portal.

Click the plus sign under Learning and click


Look for G Suite (Google Apps for Education)

Open your Google Drive. 


All students have a list of possible activities and a work log to record how they spend their time. To see it online, click this link. 3J’s Genius Hour -26yygen 


When doing internet research, try to choose sites that are kid friendly and don’t have too many ads. There are some links below to great sites for kids to learn about the world.

Another tip is to type your topic into Google and always add “for kids” at the end.

If you see something inappropriate, tell Miss B and then close that link.


Simple wikipedia – Like wikipedia but easier to read

Kids Cyber – Online encyclopaedia for kids

National Geographic for Kids – Great for animals and countries

Wonderopolis – Answers all your questions

Enchanted Learning – Animals Page

Kids Discover – Great information for reading

Enchanted Learning Geography – For animals of the world

History for Kids – Choose your topic

Ducksters – Science for kids

Discovery Kids – Science and facts

Factmonster – Lots of topics

Academic Kids – Encyclopaedia for kids

Q Files – Encyclopaedia for kids – some pages are only for logged in users only

At the end of the term we will be sharing with the class what we learn in Genius Hour.

Happy Learning!

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