This term 3/4J will be creating artworks to do with Dinosaurs!

I know, I know, everyone’s favourite topic. Dinosaur art, or Paleo-art as it is known, is really hard.

Why do you think it is hard for artists? Why is it harder than artworks of wild animals or pets?

There are many paeleo-artists around the world. Where do you think their dinosaur artworks are on display?

Check out the work of Karen Carr on her website, like this 

Acrocanthosaur below.

Another famous paleo-artist is Sergey 

Krasovskiy from Russia. Check out his images here.


3/4J’s first artwork will include dinosaur silhouettes and a sunset.

Check out the finished product, completed by another art teacher and her class a few years ago!


Our first task will be to create the background, sky and stars using watercolour paints.

In the next lesson we will be cutting out and attaching our dinosaur silhouettes and adding the ground and plants. 

It’s time to get started!

Meanwhile, leave a comment on our blog telling us what you know about dinosaurs. Do you have a favourite dinosaur? 

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Art”

  1. Dear Miss B
    I love the ARTWORK we did it was fantastic.

    bye shamika

  2. Dear Miss B

    Dinosaur ARTWORK was really fun! But now we are doing one point perspective still really fun!
    #dinosaur #fun #ARTWORK #one point perspective

  3. dear miss b

    did you know that the spinosuraus’ spine is sticking OUT

    from Blake.

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