Each week 3/4J studies an animal of the week. This term we are doing Australian Animals.

So far we have studied the dugong, quoll, brolga, numbat and potoroo.

Can you identify which one is which in these photos below? 


Bosco! What are you doing here?

Visit this site to search and learn more about these animals, and many more fantastic Aussie creatures!


Leave a comment and tell us a fact you know about one of our animals of the week!


27 thoughts on “Animals of the Week”

  1. The brogla throws grass in the air when it’s about to do it’s special dance.

  2. Dear Miss B

    A Brolga is iconic for there dance to impress a mate by tossing up grass and catching it and other cool things!


  3. Dear Miss B

    Quolls eat a range of animals,including insects,worms,lizards and rabbits.


  4. dear miss b

    the dugong eats sea grass and fish swim around the dugong to get sea grass.

  5. Hey Miss B

    Did you know dugongs are Pokemon?Called dewgong. water type with a horn?


  6. Hey miss beavis! Did you know that the potoroos are diurnal (which means they sleep during the day)

  7. Miss B

    dugongs are known as a sea cow but its baby called a calf 🙂

    from: Farida:)

  8. The brolga is a cool animal that is always gets clean.

  9. Miss B

    It depends on your point of view if a quoll is vicious or not.
    What do you think?

    from Vicky.

  10. the bilby looks like a rabbit and also is the size of a rabbit.

  11. Hey Miss Beavis!
    The bilby likes to dig over 1000 holes over the world and eats other mammals!

  12. Hi Miss Beavis.
    The quoll is the size of a cat and is a tiny animal . The quoll is a marsupial.

  13. A brolga does a fancy dance to impress the male brolgas.

  14. What’s up Miss B. Did you know those fish that hang around the Dugong’s mouth eat the leftovers that escape the Dugong’s giant mouth.I know, cool.


    BY Aleksandar

  15. The dugong is like a vacuum and fish follow them!

  16. Brolgas throw grass in the air when it starts its dance.

  17. Dear Miss B

    Brolgas do a dance.
    They are cranes.

    From Callum

  18. Hey did you know that a dugong eats sea grass and its a mammal?
    bye bye

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