This term 3/4J are learning about Landscapes. We have already learnt about one point perspective, with a horizon line, a vanishing point and diagonal lines that lead the viewers eyes IN to the painting.

Another way that artists show depth in their paintings is to use Atmospheric Perspective. This strategy has been around for hundreds of years, since Mona Lisa and the Renaissance !



One famous artist who used atmospheric perspective was Eugene Von Guerard. He travelled around Australia and New Zealand capturing the beautiful landscapes in the 1800s.

“Milford Sound” (1877-1879)

” Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand” 1877-1879

Today many artists still like to paint using atmospheric perspective, like Von Guerard. New Zealand Artist Samuel Earp, paints the South Island landscapes .

Another NZ artist is Peter Beadle, who likes painting Mt Cook.

We are going to create an easy atmospheric landscape using acrylic paints. For this painting we need to mix black and white into our core colour, creating tints, shades and tones. In painting, a tint is a colour plus white, a shade is a colour plus black, and a tone is a colour plus grey.

But lets get help from the experts! We can follow on with this video, below.


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