Our first artwork for Term 4 will be a mixed media artwork of



What is mixed media? Well, media is what supplies you use to make the artwork, so mixed media is using more than one type of material.


For our jelly fish artworks we will be using paint, chalk pastels and oil pastels.

WALT create translucent jellyfish on a gradient background


blended lines between layers of gradient

jellyfish have see through bodies

jellyfish are large enough to stand out

seaweed is neat, small  and not smudged


Click the link to see this artwork done by another class and how fabulous their artworks look!



And here is some inspiration of what giant jellyfish look like in the wild!



One place that has famous jellyfish is the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. They even have a live jelly cam!



I can’t wait to see how 3/4J’s turn out!




2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Jellyfish”

  1. hi miss b
    we have just started and i am loving it already! i love the colours for the water background.i am so ready for the next stage and it splating white panit on to the background.
    from shamika

  2. Hi Miss B

    At this point of our Mixed Media Jellyfish artwork we have only just finished our water background!!!!!!!!!!! and the next stage as you can see we splat white paint with our brush to make the underwater bubble effect!!!!!!!!

    bye!!!!!!! from Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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