We have really enjoyed learning about the legend of The Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

3/4J are going to create a whimsical artwork of this well known boat!


WALT create a whimsical artwork using collage/ drawing

WILF: Correctly drawn and cut clouds that are not too small

WILF: Soft blending of chalk pastels

WILF: Neat cutting of the ship and waves


Here is a finished artwork to inspire us! This artwork uses a silhouette. What is a silhouette? 

Now lets see some other finished artworks by visiting this site!


Let’s see it step by step. Can you work out what materials we need and which step is first?



8 thoughts on “The Flying Dutchman Artwork”

  1. hey miss b
    i love this artwork can`t wait to do it.(:
    #artwork #TFD #amazing #awesome

    by shamika

  2. hey Miss B

    This artwork looks amazing it probably is going to be the best artwork of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #TFD #artwork #AMAZING (: (:


  3. Hey Miss B and the class I like the art work that you have done in class time nice work😋👍🏻

  4. Glad you liked it! We spent all of last term learning about Ghost Ships. 3/4J think they are very cool! What have you been learning about?

  5. Hey Toby and Miss B

    Hey Toby Miss B is right we have put a lot of effort into this artwork taking the whole term to learn how to do this artwork , we also were learning about them too!!! how is your new school?

    from Bella

  6. hi Toby and miss b

    hey Toby i am a new student to 3/4J WE PUT SO MUCH EFORT! in this artwork we hope you understand

    BY MIA

  7. Hi Toby and miss b

    ghost ships names are THE FLYING DUCHTMAN, HMS EURYDICE AND THE MARY CELESTE are all ghost ships hope you understand.


  8. Hi Miss B

    Last year’s art works were really fun. I wonder what we are going to do this year?

    From Blake

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