This term 3/4J are learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun in our Solar System. So we are going to do some Outer Space themed artworks too!

Our first artwork is of a hot and cold sun and moon. But what does that mean? Read on to find out!

Firstly, does anyone know what this is?

This is a colour wheel and we are going to learn about it while we complete our artworks.


Create an artwork using warm and cool colours of the sun and moon


I can name the warm and cool colours

I can describe the colour wheel

I can select the right colours for each side of my artwork

I can use dark colours to outline my design


Many artworks use the colour wheel to create their works. Heare are some of the relationships between the colours they might choose, besides warm and cool.


The artwork we are doing usings cool colours for the moon and warm colours for the sun. Here are some examples


Now let’s find out the steps involved to make this amazing artwork!

8 thoughts on “Hot and Cold Sun and Moon Artwork”

  1. Dear Miss B

    This artwork is super fun! some people are finished and some people aren’t done there artwork.

    from bella

  2. Hello 3/4J I have been away when we did this amazing artwork but i can tell every one has done a great job at the art work…i don’t know how miss Beavis decide what one to because there are so much art works to do

  3. Dear miss b
    I love this artwork sooooooo much can`t wait to do more artwork on the Earth Moon and Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #Sun #Moon #Earth #ARTWORK
    by shamika

  4. Dear Miss B.
    I love this artwork. Very colourful and I love the patterns. I’ll have to save your idea for when my class looks at space in term 2.
    I hope 2019 is a great year for you and your class

  5. Hey Miss B

    Last year we had such cool artworks and cool science lessons for EARTH,MOON AND SUN!!!!
    but this year we will have so much adventures with you

    From Bella

  6. I truly appreciate all your artwork. It takes a lot of time to complete one good artwork and rhanks for letting me take time to enjoy >

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