It’s time for another fantastic Space art work. This time, 3/4J are going to create a simple rocket drawing and use oil pastels to colour it. Add a black background, some stars and voila! We have a outer space artwork as good as James Hill, science fiction artist.





  • I can follow the steps to create a rocket
  • I can select oil pastel colours that complement each other
  • I can appreciate art and discuss it with my peers


So who is James Hill? And what sort of art does he create? Let’s find out.




There are many ways to draw a rocket, or a spaceship. It can be easy to follow the steps. Here are some examples:



Think about your colour combinations. Warm or cool? Primary (red, yellow, blue)? Secondary (green, orange, purple)? 

What about complementary? Those are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.


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  1. Hey everyone, I’m Lauren! This is a super cool post, that seems like a really cool thing to be learning about! Much cooler than what I learn about😂. How’s school going for all of you? I hope that it’s going well! My blog is if you want to check it out! Have a great day,
    Lauren 🙂

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