Another year has begun. And what a special year to be on the blog!

This year marks NINE YEARS of Adventures with Miss B!

Nine years of fun with Bosco. Nine years of Stage 2 and 3 classes. Nine years of Miss B’s adventures, in and out of the classroom.


Here are some highlights over the last nine years!



In 2010, 5/6J all boys class made these cool sensory artworks with oil and water. Miss B went overseas to Mexico, USA and Canada!




In 2011 5/6J got to make 3D sculpture animals and did artworks of monkeys! We did lots of art that year!




5/6J 2012 went to V8 Supercars and it was 40 degrees! We got to cool off in the fountain. We also did these cool (but hot?) guitar still life artworks.




In 2013, we tried to make clay masks, but it was a disaster! 5/6J and Stage 3 had a watermelon day for charity.




Miss B went to China in 2014 and sailed down the Yangtze River, and 5/6J made hot air balloon portraits for the 50th Anniversary art show!




In 2015, 5/6J created desert artworks and had a visit from a Chinese school!




5/6J visited the snow and made bread in science in 2016!




Miss B visited Machu Picchu in Peru, and our parents in 3J helped us write 100 facts for 100 days of learning!




3/4J did amazing ghost ship artworks and had fun at book week.



What adventures await 3/4J 2019? Only time will tell!


Leave a comment explaining what you would like to do in 2019!


And don’t forget to check out the archives to see what else students have gotten up to in the 9 years of having Adventures with Miss B!

14 thoughts on “Welcome Back to 2019!”

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to go on the computer right now!

    from Noah

  2. Hi Miss B

    this year can we fit in some more math time in our schedule!

    from Rubee

  3. Hi everyone,

    I would like to have more time for maths.

    from Lachlan

  4. Hi Miss.B

    we had a great 2018 I still wanna do the arts we did, they were AWSOME!!! I will realy miss the fun we had in yr 3 bye.

    From Mele

  5. Hi Miss.B

    we had a great 2018:] we had a great class great year. im looking forward to our 2019.My brothers said i would fail in yr 4 just to stuff around with me ,but they were wrong and i was right,anyway we need to do more art thats if you can find or think of anything, have a good year.

    From Mele

  6. Hey Miss B

    This year we should do more amazing artworks that we did last year when we all finished them they looked FABULOUS I can’t wait to see whats in store for us this year #2019 #art #FABULOUS

    from Bella

  7. Hi Miss B

    Last year was fun. But I cant to do better stuff this year!

    From Blake

  8. Miss B when I looked at the snow picture I was thinking why don’t we do an art work on the snow it would be cool but more details to it.

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