This majestic Mountain is Mt Fuji. Where in the world is it located?


It’s in Japan! And its not far from the capital city, Tokyo.


A very famous Japanese artist called Katsushika Hokusai, like Mt Fuji so much he painted it 36 times! This series of artworks is called  (The-Art-Curator-for-Kids-Art-Spotlight-Hokusais-Thirty-Six-Views-of-Mount-Fuji-1qye1mg) and each artwork also had its own name.

Hokusai completed 46 artworks actually, from 1830 to 1832.

His most famous artwork is The Great Wave off Kanagawa (or The Great Wave). Perhaps you’ve seen it before!

Hokusai’s artworks are actually wood cuts. Each of the images was made by an image drawn on paper was used to guide the carving of a wood block. This block was then covered with ink and applied to paper to create the image,  which required the use of a separate block for each color appearing in the image.

Our artworks this term will be about Mt Fuji, mountains and of course, the great wave!


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  1. Hey Miss B

    These views of Mt Fuji are so cool we should do an artwork of it

    from Bella

  2. Hi Miss

    Wow the years go fast im really hoping for another AMAZING year!

  3. I really wan’t to climb Mount Fuji and feel the clouds when I get on top.

  4. Hi, my name is Valerie

    Miss B has a great blog

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  5. Hi Miss B,

    I remember doing the great wave artwork it was so fun!

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