Look at this book about Chengdu the Panda, who would not, could not fall asleep!

Chengu is actually a city in China. It is also the home of a panda sanctuary.

Miss B visited China, Chengdu and the Panda Sanctuary back in 2014. They are amazing animals, so cute and cuddly looking. The sanctuary even had a panda nursery!


Here is a link to a great artwork based on Chengdu the panda, using Miss B’s favourite art medium, chalk pastels!

chengdu gallery

Chengdu Art Lesson

Do you think you could draw Chengdu? Let’s have a go! Tell us how it went in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Chengdu the Panda”

  1. Dear Miss Beavis

    Bella and I can`t wait to do this cute art work, Bella and I love pandas but I prefer sloth`s like Baka (from the Explorer)

    #pandalove #sothlove #artwork #schoolart

  2. pandas are so cute, i love the the panda art works we are doing right now

    from FOREVA

  3. Chengdu the panda is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute


  4. hey guys um when i was away for the weeks did not get to finish my change the panda but mine looked like a g pig but yeah pandas are cute

  5. Chengdu is very,very cute but i wonder what our next art work.

    From Blake

  6. i miss my little chendu the panda so cute from FOREVA!!!!!!

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