Our new novel this term “The Vanderbeekers of 141st St” is set in

Harlem, New York City in a Brownstone building. We are

studying different types of homes and houses, like the Brownstones

of NYC.

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For art in Term 3, 2019, we are creating artworks of buildings and

houses! Our first artwork is inspired by the cityscapes of James Rizzi.

James Rizzi “Take the A Train to Harlem” 1989 Coloured Lithograph and Collage


WALT: We are learning to create a cityscape artwork in the style

of James Rizzi


* I can explain what a cityscape is

* I can recall 3 facts about James Rizzi and his work

* I can roll the dice to create a cityscape


James Rizzi (October 5, 1950 – December 26, 2011[1]) was an

 American pop artist who was born and raised in Brooklyn

New York.

What is cityscape?  What is a lithograph?


His artworks are funky, fun, colourful and bright. They make Miss B

think of Sesame Street and jolly neighbourhoods full of friends and


“Big on the Big Apple” (on the left) is actually a 3D constructed

Lithograph. Can you tell it is 3D?

On the right is an artwork called “Shortcut” and it is a coloured silk

screen painted in 1989. 

“Make Friends with Life and People” 1996. James makes the

buildings look like faces, and he was known for his signature

buildings, faces and birds.

“A Beautiful Block to Live On”. We are going to create a cityscape

of buildings lined up, with faces too! BUT we are going to roll the

dice to help us create the artwork!


James Rizzi PowerPoint



2 thoughts on “Take the Train to Harlem”

  1. Dear Miss B

    we have already started this artwork and I love it you can make really funky and funny. The reason that I love this artwork is because no ones will be the same you can always find something different in the artworks #artworks #fun #different

    from Bella

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