Hey 3/4J,

Check out these haunted house artworks!

Stu Shepherd is an American aviation artist

whose work has been featured on the boxes of

aeroplane model kits.

Stu Shepherd - The House At Dead End

Stu Shepherd - The Spooky Scarecrow

Haunted Houses are a great setting for

suspenseful stories. But they can be tricky

to draw!


Here’s an easy artwork we can do!

Thanks to the teachers at Crisco Art Blog!

What sorts of objects can you see? How can we

make these houses haunted?


What makes the colour stand out?

How have they created line? How have they

made it look like it’s at night?




3 thoughts on “Haunted Houses on Black Paper!”

  1. i love mis b as a teacher because see all was look out for us if you are mis b teacher you are so luky every won loves mis b

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