Continuing our theme of artworks based on Houses and Homes, 3/4J

are going to complete an artwork of a castle in the style of Paul

Klee (Pronounced clay).



I can create a castle in the style of Paul Klee

I can use watercolour paints in warm and cool colours


I can draw and trace with a ruler to create geometric shapes

I can recall the warm and cool colours

I can discuss Paul Klee’s artwork

I can mix the right amount of water in the watercolour pots


Let’s look at some of Paul Klee’s artworks. What do you see?

“Castle and Sun” 1928

“City of Churches” 1918

“Temple Gardens” 1920

“Villa R” 1919

“Part of G” 1927

“Landscape with Sunset”, 1923


Let’s check out this cool art lesson of a castle! Can you recreate it?




One thought on “Paul Klee Castles”

  1. Dear Miss B

    this artwork looked really hard and confusing but it was easy!!!!!!!!!

    from bella

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