3/4J are off to Scenic World in a few weeks!

Along with riding the Scenic Railway and the

Scenic Cableway, we will be walking along

the Scenic Walkway seeing lots of Australia’s

native flora and fauna. Let’s familiarise

ourselves with some native plants before we leave!


Golden Wattle is Australia’s national flower. The

Golden Wattle blooms in spring, – beginning

September – in Australia, with large fluffy, yellow,

sweet smelling flower heads. Each Golden Wattle

flower head is a bunch of many tiny flowers. We

will definitely see some as we enter the Blue

Mountains as many wattle trees line the road.

The Golden Wattle features prominently on the

Australian coat of arms. Australia celebrates

Wattle Day on September 1.

Image result for golden wattleImage result for golden wattle

Australian Native flowers have always been a popular subject

for artworks. Check some out here.



We are learning to create wattle paintings with a hint of 3D.



* I can use watercolours and paint correctly, with pom poms!

* I can scrunch crepe paper and glue it correctly

* I can discuss and describe wattle and Australian native artworks

Image result for wattle artwork

Pom pom painted wattle flowers

This Aussie mum had two great wattle artworks, let’s combine

them into one with pom poms, crepe paper, glitter glue and



What other Australian native plants do you know? What

other 3D artworks can we make? 






6 thoughts on “Wattle Artwork”

  1. Hi Miss B And friends

    Callum and Riley told me that you are going to scenic world. I have been to scenic world and I saw the 3 sisters it’s really fun there I hope you have fun there as well.

    From Blake

  2. Dear Miss B

    This artwork was so fun!! I can’t wait to go to Scenic World next Thursday!!!!!
    #Scenic World

    From Bella

    P.S. what will our next artwork be about?

  3. Hi Blake,

    Great to hear from you. Hope your new school is going well. Yes we are looking forward to our excursion on Thursday, Glad to hear you have been there and had a good time! Have a great term 4.

    Miss Beavis

  4. hi blake it’s me Aditi your old partner

    We went on our excursion and it was amazing. We saw a lier bird a girl
    it was amazing. We have new kid his name is Rome he is a boy and in year 3.

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