Imagine visiting Uluru, in Outback Australia. The world’s largest rock can be seen from mile and miles away!

True or False, Uluru is taller than the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock, is a very, very big rock located in central Australia. It is a very famous location that attracts many visitors from all around the world every year.

Ayers Rock is made from sandstone and has a brown appearance during the day, but its color really depends on whether the sun is shining on it or not.

  • The rock was formed over 600 millions years ago.


  • The name ‘Uluru’ comes from the Aboriginal language. The name ‘Ayers Rock’ came about after it was named after the eighth Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers.


  • The top of Uluru is flat, but it is actually covered in crevices and grooves. The rock goes straight up at the sides however, so it would be quite hard to climb!


  • It would originally have sat at the bottom of the sea, way underground. Over time, more of the rock became visible on land, as the land and sea changed in shape and form.


  • Uluru is a very important place for the Aboriginal people, and was listed as a World Heritage site in 1987. It also appears on the list as a cultural site due to its importance to the Aboriginal people of Australia.


Our first artwork for 2020 will be a perspective art work of Uluru, Let’s read this blog post to learn about Perspective!


We will be doing out artworks in watercolours. Here are some real artist’s watercolours of ULURU to help inspire us!





13 thoughts on “Uluru Perspective Artwork”

  1. I can’t wait till we finish this artwork it’s gonna be such fun. Krystal

  2. Miss B

    These artworks are the best
    And also can we go on an excursion?

  3. Hi Miss B

    It’s so cool how Uluru is bigger then the Eiffel Tower.


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