Bosco thought he would interview Miss B about some of the places she has been around the world! That way we can all pretend we are going on adventures! If you have any other questions for Miss B about the places she has visited, add a comment below!


Today Bosco asks Miss B about her visit to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, a country in North America.

Read on for some virtual travel!


BOSCO: When did you go to the Canadian Rockies and how long were you there?


MISS B: I visited Canada for 10 days in 2013. Mr Mark and I were in the USA and we flew to the city o Calgary. We then hired a car and drove around the Rocky Mountains for 5 days.

BOSCO: What did you see while you there?

MISS B: The Rocky Mountains are famous for mountains (obviously), many of which are covered in Snow all year round. We also saw lots of glaciers, beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls. We visited three towns – Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise.

BOSCO: It looks like a place you could do sport and adventure. Did you get up to anything fun?

MISS B: We went in summer so there was not enough snow for skiing. But we did do lots of walks and hikes. We also did white water rafting but the water was freezing! Another highlight was going on a special bus that drove us out onto a Glacier and getting to walk on a glacier.

BOSCO: Did you see Monkeys? What about other wildlife?

MISS B: There are no wild monkey’s in Canada! There is lots of wildlife to see but unfortunately we didn’t get to see much in the wild. I didn’t see any bears, but I did last time I was in Canada in 2010. We saw wild deer, squirrels and chipmunks, and a beaver like animal called a marmot. 

BOSCO: Thanks Miss B for taking us all the way to Canada! 

Anyway, if you have any other questions for Miss B about her trip to the Rocky Mountains, leave a comment below!


Stay tuned for our next “Bosco’s World Trip” with Miss B!

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