What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘Aussie Icon’? A person, like Ned Kelly or Crocodile Dundee? A place like Uluru or the Opera House? What about an animal, like the koala? Is it a cricket bat, Vegemite, fairy bread, the lifesavers flags, the Aussie flag or Southern Cross? Maybe its an akubra hat or a good old pair of rubber thongs!

Let’s create an artwork where we turn a pair of classic pluggers into an Aussie tribute artwork.

What will you choose to decorate your thongs with?

When you finish, paint the background with the best place for a pair of thongs, on the beach! Show some sand and waves.

3 thoughts on “Aussie Icons – Thongs!”

  1. Hi Miss.B I hope you remember me..ITS MELE ! I ve realy missed you guys tell all of 34j I miss them especially Bella..thanks BYE BYE

  2. hi Miss B remember me I’m Satkaar! Hope you having a great time!

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