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Miss B teaches in Kingswood, NSW, Australia. along with Bosco, our class mascot. We love stories, reading, sport, youtube, technology, blogging and art!


Meet some of the team soon!



15 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Miss B,

    You have a wonderful classroom.

    From Georgia

  2. Hey Miss B,

    I wonder how good you guys are at maths? :/


  3. Hi Katie,
    We have some very clever Mathematicians in our class, but I’m sure your class does too!
    Miss B

  4. Hey Miss B,
    Yes we have clever Mathematicians in our classroom too, but I bet our classes are just as good as each other.


    (You should consider telling your class what I have wrote about them).

  5. Hi Miss B,

    How good are your Mathematicians because I am getting better at Maths!

    see you soon

  6. Hi i must say your ideas are amazing! i came across your page while searching ideas for my year 6 science class “change detectives” – i love your lesson idea! i will be heading to bunnings to grab some police tape:)

    Just wondering – did you have a worksheet that the kids used?

  7. Thanks for the comment Jenny,

    I am about to teach this unit again this term! Yes I did a worksheet, I will email it to you.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Miss B

  8. Hi Miss B and 5/6J,

    Thank you for your comment on our class blog. We left a reply for you to read on there.

    Your Creepy Castle description task looks fun and scary! We can’t wait to read your descriptions!

    Chat soon,

    Miss Currey and 5/6C

  9. Hiiiiiii
    Am I too old to be here Miss B?
    Is it too late to comment and be noticed?
    Will you even remember me miss ;(
    Please reply, I miss my best friend Bosco (;-;)

  10. Matthew! Great to hear from you. Bosco is still going strong, this year I have year 3 and they love him. We also have a basket of other friends of Bosco that are just as popular. Thanks for stopping by!
    Miss B

  11. Hello from Lake Erie, Ohio, USA
    I have only three students (9, 10 & 11 years old) in my Language Arts Enrichment Class. We are looking for a classroom to share our experiences and daily life. Please email me at lrence@put-in-bay.k12.oh.us, if you are interested.
    Thank you!
    Mrs. Rence

  12. hi Miss B, i love this blog so much. one day, i will wish to meet bosco. i think that will be my one wish from the starlight foundation. yes. thats what i want, not disneyland anympore. i hoipe you recieve this an take this into consideration. I live in in greenland, so we dont have any monkeys there sp hopefully in sydney i can meet bosco. thanks… let me knbow

  13. Hey Miss B,
    Georgia and Katie your most lovely students you’ve ever had here!
    Hope you are still teaching and enjoying yourself!
    To any of your students reading this, Miss B is one of the most driven and influential teachers you may ever have. Appreciate her while you can!
    lots of love KSPS’s all time favs
    Georgia and Katie the terror twins 🙂

  14. Hi Georgia and Katie!
    Thanks for the message, was lovely to hear from you! Yes I am still teaching, I am now at Turramurra North PS, and I have Year 6 again! No terror twins though.

    Hope you are both well and enjoying life, and your brothers are good to – say hi to everyone!

    Love Miss B

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