Bosco’s Q & A

Hi everyone,

Ask me a questions about the going ons of 5/6J!

Cheers,  BOSCO!

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  1. Hi Bosco!

    5/6J looks like a cool classroom.
    My question is:

    Why does 5/6J have a massive puzzle?



  2. Hi Ashley!

    That’s a very good question. 5/6J have a 1000 piece puzzle of a castle in France. Miss B has even visited that castle!

    We get to go and work on the puzzle when we finish early, when we have inside play, as a reward, and sometimes when Miss B needs to talk to us, we might have a chat while sitting at the puzzle. It’s been going for 14 months now, and still no sign of being finished!



  3. Hi Bosco,

    I want to ask you a question; Do you like hanging around 5/6J and their classroom?

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Bosco,
    Do you know anything about the half yearly term reports?
    Please write back !

  5. Ciao Skye,

    Of course I love hanging out in 5/6J, the kids are nice, we learn LOTS of wonderful things (who knew that Orang-utans have throat pouches?!), and the learning is fun. What do you like about 5/6J Skye?

    Ciao, Bosco!

    PS: Ciao is Hi and Bye in Italian!

  6. Greetings Rebecca,

    A very good question, you are correct, it is definitely report time! Teachers all over NSW are busy typing and assessing and reading, as reports will be sent home at the end of this term. I can tell you that Miss B will be carefully making decisions about your learning achievement and effort level. They will look very similar to last year’s reports.

    Good Luck!


  7. Hi Bosco,

    Thanks for answering all these questions.
    You are right, I am busy busy writing reports!

    Miss B

  8. Hi Bosco,

    I’m writing from home, sorry if any words are spelt wrong.

    Is Miss Beavis’ class for the smart kids?

    Thanks for that Bosco!


  9. Hi Bosco its me again

    Just asking, who is your favourite person?

    Sorry if any words are spelt wrong, fat fingers spelling too fast!


  10. Hi Bosco,

    Just one question. Who is this. I have 3 bodies. Their hair colours are 2 browns and 1 blonde. We are all in year 6 and we are friends.
    We are in 5/6J. We are either in Videos or Websites or Radios.
    We love looking on the blog!
    From Anonymous

  11. Hi Ryan,

    Wow, good typing. Almost as good as mine. Monkeys can type as well as humans because we have very similar looking hands.
    Yes 5/6J is for the smart kids!

    BUT – all classes are for smart kids. All kids are smart in heaps of different ways. Some kids are maths smart, some are arty smart, some are sport smart, some are music smart and some are people smart!
    A famous man called Howard Gardener called the differents ways of being smart ‘The Multiple Intelligences’. We will learn more about this next semester.

    And as for my favourite, well it depends on who has bananas that day. Or who gets computer time, or who’s table is quiet, or who has the Ripley’s books. I just can’t pick one person!

    From Bosco!

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    Jessie, Caitlin and Selena I know it is you! You see Proboscis monkeys are naturally curious so I did some more detective work and found out you guys posted a comment SOMEWHERE else on the blog at the same time as this one! Gotcha!

    Though I was confused thinking it was a ‘What am I’ quiz. I can’t think of any animals with 3 bodies!

    Bye, Bosco.

  13. Hi Bosco,

    Do you know what is Rebecca’s favourite colour?

    Rebecca and Aiden

  14. Bulla Bosco

    That means hello in fiji. Just asking how many people do you know that have the name max and bosco.:):):):(



  15. Hi Rebecca and Aiden,

    Sorry I’ve been snoozing a lot through this cold winter and haven’t replied much!

    Rebecca’s favourite colour? Hmmm I don’t know that one.

    Maybe it’s green like the pulse and performing arts festival shirts?

    You’ll have to tell me!


    (PS: My favourite is green!)

  16. Hey Ryan!

    I only know Max’s from my favourite stories, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and Max Ernest from ‘The Name of this Book is Secret’ (Shshh, Miss B is reading that to the class next, but remember it’s a secret!).

    As for Bosco’s, A nice lady called Lyn told us on the ‘About Us’ page about a Bosco Bear who is actually a cat! But aside from that, I’ve never met another Bosco!

  17. Hey Bosco,

    How are you? I have a question, out of all of the videos on your blog which is your favorite????

    Thanks heaps
    From Melissa

  18. Hi Melissa,

    Great to hear from you! Its been fun getting to know the new 5/6J members.

    My favourite video? I think it has to be the sloth! Makes me laugh every time!



  19. Hey Bosco,

    What is your favourite colour, food, drink, sport, day, month, year, website, time and place.
    I know thats al ot of questions for you to answer but it’ al ot of questions for me to write so we are even.

    Thanks Bosco

    see ya


  20. Hi Melissa,

    I would have to say Art!
    Though this year I have really enjoyed morning routine and all the reading comprehension stuff we are doing.

  21. Hey Bosco

    I love the book Holes and the lessons we are doing.

    from Oskar (:

  22. Hey Bosco

    I really can’t wait till we watch the movie Holes

    Peace from oskar 🙂

  23. Hi Bosco,
    How was the cake? What flavour was it? It better be chocolate because it’s my favourite.

    From Sanjana.

  24. Hi Bosco,

    How many Proboscis monkeys are there in the world?

    From Seth

  25. Hi Miss Beavis,

    Could you check out my new blog at Cool Website.

    From Seth.

  26. Hi Sanjana and Seth,

    It was banana cake of course! Monkey’s love banana cake. Though Chocolate banana cake would be nice too.

    Seth I checked out the numbers for you – here’s a quote from It’s a great website for learning about animals!

    “Population numbers are thought to have dropped by up to 80% over the past 30 years with numbers continuing to decrease. There are thought to be around 7,000 Proboscis Monkeys left in the wild today”.

    It’s sad to see the numbers are going down.

  27. Hi Bosco what is 100000532475483965265486+43257457535463576537853?

  28. Hey Bosco,

    What’s your favourite food, and where do you originally come from?

    From Elise and Hannah

  29. Hi Bosco!

    Do you have any other proboscis friends?

    from Talisha

  30. Hi, its Adam

    I was wondering which is you favorite video on the blog.


  31. Hi Adam,

    My favourite video is the Sloth flying over the road. I think I like it because its a weird animal like me!

    Bosco (notsoweird)

  32. Hi Elise and Hannah,

    My favourite food is pancakes. Miss B has a photo of her feeding us pancakes. I come from Borneo, an island that has 3 countries on it. I live in the north part, the Malaysian state of Sabah.


  33. Good to hear from you Seth!

    5/6J 2015 are going along well, we are enjoying the year especially art and science! We hope you are enjoying high school too!

    From Bosco

  34. Hi Bosco, (Miss B and 5/6J),

    How are/is you/5/6J 2016 going?

    From Zoe : )

  35. Hi, Bosco

    I have a question what is a threat to your species.

    Regards, Dylan

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