Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills are important for many sports and games.

The catch.

Skill components:
1. Eyes focused on the object throughout the catch.
2. Feet move to place the body in line with the object.
3. Hands move to meet the object.
4. Hands and fingers relaxed and slightly cupped to catch the object.
5. Catches and controls the object with hands only (well-timed closure).
6. Elbows bend to absorb the force of the object.

catch 1 catch 2


The sprint.

 Skill components:

1. Lands on ball of the foot.
2. High knee lift (thigh almost parallel to the ground).
3. Head and trunk stable, eyes focused forward.
4. Elbows bent at 90 degrees.
5. Arms drive forward and back in opposition to the legs.


The side gallop.

side gallop

The skills needed are:

1. Smooth rhythmical movement.

2. Brief period where both feet are off the ground.

3. Weight on the balls of the feet.

4. Hips and shoulders point to the front.

5. Head stable, eyes focused forward or in the direction of travel.


The  ‘Overarm Throw’.

Overarm throw

The skills needed are:

1. Eyes focused on target area throughout the throw.

2. Stands side-on to target area.

3. Throwing arm moves in a downward and backward arc.

4. Steps towards target area with foot opposite throwing arm.

5. Hips then shoulders rotate forward.

6. Throwing arm follows through, down and across the body.

Sounds Confusing – yes?

This video makes it much easier to follow. 


The  ‘Static Balance‘.

Image result for "static balance" skill components "fundamental movement skills"

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  1. Hi Miss B

    Next time our class goes out to fitness, can we play ‘Golden Orb.’

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    I am learning heaps about over arm throwing.

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    This throw really comes in handy when I play cricket.

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  4. Hey Miss B,

    These skills really come in handy for us cricket players.

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