Determining Importance

Learning Intention: We are learning to determine what is important when we read and what is just interesting. We can’t possibly remember everything we read. Our brains are like a sieve, sifting ... Read More

Themes in Books

Every book we read has a theme,  sometimes more than one! But what is the theme? Image courtesy of   The ‘theme’ is the message that the author is trying to comm... Read More

Making Inferences

Our focus strategy this week is Making Inferences.   We remember that TEXT CLUES + BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE = INFERENCE   Authors use inference to SHOW their readers more information about the s... Read More

Reading Fluency

Being a fluent reader means you read smoothly with expression and correct phrasing. You read at a suitable pace, paying attention to punctuation marks.  In 5/6J – on average you should be readi... Read More

Forming a Synthesis

Our focus strategy at the moment is learning to form a synthesis.  Synthesising is one of the hardest comprehension skills because to do it you need to ask questions, infer, make connections, use you... Read More