Fractured Fairy Tales

This term, as we read Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin we are reading, thinking about and creating fractured fairy tales.

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There are many ways to write a fractured fairy tale. People have been adapting fairy tales for centuries for new books, tv shows, poems and movies.

Here are some ways to ‘change’ a fairy tale:

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Here are some picture books that have been written based on well known fairy tales. Can you work out which tale?

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TASK FOR 5/6J members:


Log in to the blog and add a comment. Write 5 sentences of a narrative, based on a fairy tale. Use the pictures below as INSPIRATION!

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Government Videos

This term in ICT we are learning about government. We are even making our own website, see it here –


SEE BELOW for some links to videos and activities to do with government and some important things you will find at parliament house. When 5/6J go to Canberra, ACT in Week 10 this term, you may see some of these objects!

Kidsview is the student learning page of the Parliamentary Education Office Page.

5/6J – When you visit this site, go to all these activities and videos IN ORDER:

One voice for many

Our House

Signatures of Oz

Make a difference

Playing Fair

If you finish early, visit our weebly and check out some other people’s pages!

Wintry Landscape

Our first Term 3 Artwork is going to be a Wintry Landscape. Let’s get inspired by the works of artist Caspar David Friedrich.


“Winter Landscape” 1811



“Winter Landscape with Church” 1811



“Oak in the Snow” 1827-1828



“Snow Covered Hut” unknown


“The Abbey in the Oakwood” 1809-18`10


“Dolmen in the Snow” unknown


“Graveyard Under Snow” 1826

monastery graveyard in the snow

“Monastery Graveyard in the Snow” 1819

Unfortunately, this artwork was destroyed during the air-raids of World War II, and Friedrich only had this black and white photograph of the actual painting. It is said to have been one of his best, most haunting artworks.

Many other artists have recreated “Monastery Graveyard in the Snow” as a homage to Friedrich. See this almost perfect version below, by a Japanese artist.

klosterfriedhof_im_schnee japanese tribute

Friedrich was a Romanticist painting. The Romanticists artworks were full of storytelling and emotions, he was not just painting the landscape and weather but a certain mood that goes with it.

What sort of moods do these artworks create?

Our artwork is going to consist of a bare winter’s tree in the snow. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

35bd989ebd48a742c31fb6d9d8f61264 images (1) 69eb0523c69b1bbbf2bf285befaed7ce IMGP0915 e719c64f5045ccaa390b121b3bcc8fc3 Winter-snow-tree-700x1024-e1419138633120 17252d409aebec4320748d4f08e80584 a19ccae5965e07abf22966588ab34132

Let’s look at this video to see an easy way to paint trees!



Important v. Interesting

A way to determine importance is to work out what is interesting and what is important.


When you read articles at this site – they actually write the top 2 or 3 IMPORTANT facts at the beginning of the article. How clever!

Choose one of the following articles to read. Decide on the top 3-4 important facts (including the ones at the top) and then find 3 facts that are INTERESTING to you.

Log in and leave a comment telling us which sport (or sports) you read about and which facts you found interesting!

Modern Pentathlon


Olympic Diving



Finished early? Choose your own sport to read about! Click here!

Reading Groups Week 6 and 7 – Text Features

It is important when reading informative texts that we understand why they can include so many text features.

Some text features are:

Can you fill up your bingo card?

Visit the link below to see many online factual texts.

Choose one at a time. Record the site on your bingo sheet.

Read the article. Colour in any features on your bingo card!

Can you fill up the whole card? What about a whole row or column?

Then go back and try another site!

Here’s your link!