We spent quite a number of weeks getting these cactus sculptures finished. Once the clay was finally delivered (online order fail!) we had to make our pots and then each cacti or succulent plant.

The final stage included painting all the elements and adding spikes (thank you dry spaghetti). We then arranged the plants in the pot and added pom poms and pebbles.

Great work 5/6J!

Writing about Inventions

Earlier this year 5/6J had to create a magazine article on a crazy invention. They had to write an informative text on either a blimp, penny farthing, dynsasphere or segway. Their page had to include a timeline and a table.

You can click this link to read the criteria for the Inventions Task. Once finished their texts became a class book that was shared with another Stage 3 class for voting! The top 3 pages were awarded based on the assessment given by 4/5S.

Here are the photographs of our awesome pages. A fantastic display of our writing talents!