We have been looking at some Persuasive texts in class, both written and in the form of advertising. 

We have also  been discussing some writing techniques authors use to make their writing more convincing. 

Leave us a comment and tell us some persuasive writing techniques that you know!


Click here and here to complete some activities online about persuasive texts. 

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Visit this site to play some games all about Electricity!

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Great running 5/6J! Good luck to all the members of our class who are competing at the Penrith Zone carnival in May.


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We all know the HB lead pencil, but do you know there are other grades of pencil? The lead inside a pencil is called graphite.


We can draw with pencils, but we can also do shading and create tones.



Lets’s practise some shading and blending techniques.



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Last term we created a blown up balloon using a mixture of Lemonade Soda and Pop Rocks. We tested normal lemonade and sugar free and we changed the size of the plastic bottle and how much liquid we put in.

Afterwards we all got to taste some pop rocks and enjoy the popping inside our mouths!


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Last week 5/6J students used the O.P.A.L planning document to plan a narrative

based on a Mermaid and/or Pirate. 


Here are some of our planning pages:

IMG_1011 IMG_1013


And here is a slideshow of our fantastic writing! 

Which story did you like best? Mermaid princesses? Skeleton Pirates? Magical

Talking Dolphins? 


Let us know in the comments !


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This term our art is all about using solids, liquids and gases to make art. Last week we finished our ‘gases’ art work, blowing ink through a straw.

First we looked at German Artist Pixie Cold‘s gallery online. She creates amazing artworks with a lot of watercolour and ink detail.

We especially liked her eyes watercolours

Dead by Candy by PixieCold on DeviantArt


Here is a video showing how she made this artwork of a pair of eyes with rainbow colours.


We used Pixie Cold’s eyes as inspiration for our blowing ink works! First Miss B found 2 drawings of eyes on the internet for us to use as a base, and she drew one too (but not as good as Pixies!).

Then we blew ink all around the eye with a straw. We were trying to get the ink to look like the eye lashes. It was super messy, but really fun!

IMG_0847  IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0858 IMG_0864 IMG_0866


After the blowing ink had dried, we used watercolour paints to colour our eyes and add some shadow.

We love the end result, check them out!

They look amazing up on the wall!




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Many 5/6J students attended our Annual Swimming Carnival. It was a nice hot day for a swim or some water themed novelty events!

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Last week 5/6J had to write excellent short narratives about a sea creature. 

Check out their writing to see if they wrote descriptions with lots of interesting adjectives, adverbs and use of sensory imaging!


Another way to create excellent descriptions is to use figurative language, also known as literary devices. These include:













Click here to go to a page of games to help practice and learn about these literary devices.

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Check out these photographs of us studying different solids last week. Leave us a comment tell us what you discovered!

Bonus task – visit 3/4R’s blog and leave a comment on one of their posts!

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