Making Your Own Bookmark List

Making a list of bookmarks (or favourites) is a great way to organise all your most visited sites. Did you know that you can make one on your Student Portal Home Page? You can also make one inside your Google Apps account.

Some people like to make visual bookmark menus. Symbaloo is one of Miss B’s favourite sites. Did you know our school has a Symbaloo Page that you can get to from the school website?

You can also embed Symbaloo into blogs and wikis. Here is one Miss B made. Who from our class can help add links to this?

Making a Volcano Animation

It’s easier than you think to make an animation online. An animation is a repeated series of images that change slightly and are then played at a fast speed.

We can use the site Draw Island to make a simple animation. This is what Draw Island looks like:

You draw your starting image using the pen and shape tools. When you are ready to add the next change (animation) click ‘Save to Animate’. Your slide is copied and you keep adding details. Every time you add the next part of your drawing, click Save to Animate.

When you have finished, you click ‘Generate Gif’. A gif is is short animation file. You can change the speed of your gif, Miss B likes slow. Its easy to download your gif and then upload the file to a blog or wikispaces page!

Here is the volcano Miss B made -I’m sure 5/6J can do better!


Click here to see it on the lost cities wikispaces page (I added it by clicking file and then searching for the gif I had downloaded, which was saved in the downloads folder on my computer)

Visit Draw Island to make and save your own animation!

If you don’t have time to put it on your wikispaces page, save it in your folder for another time!

Clay Succulents Sculptures

Our final artwork for term 3 is to make as sculpture of some cacti or succulent plants in a pot.

Here is a class in America who did a similar sculpture.

We will be using two types of clay, both air drying. Our fist step will be to make the pots. 

We will be using the coil pot method.

You can choose to smooth the inside only or the outside too. Once our coil pots are dry we will paint them bright colours.

We will then use some clay to make the actual plants. Here are some photos for inspiration.

Let’s have fun with the clay! Hopefully it will not be a disaster like last time!

Pompeii Facts and Opinions

Visit one of these two sites to learn more about Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius

30 Interesting Facts about Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius

Ancient Rome – The City of Pompeii


Add a FACT about Pompeii that you learnt to this wall.


Now Add your own OPINIONS about Pompeii to this wall.


Visit these sites about other Lost Cities and leave a comment sharing a FACT and an OPINION.

Petra, Terracotta Warriors, Skara Brae or Machu Picchu.

Landscape Desert Painting

Learning Intention: We Are Learning To (WALT):

- Blend warm and cool colours together

- Lighten and darken colours using white and black

Success Criteria: What I’m Looking For (WILF):

- Edges of colours blurred together

- Smooth blending of brush strokes

- One colour to show silhouettes

Many artists use oil paints to create artworks. What the pros and cons of using oil paints?


Here are some artworks created with oil paints. Oil paintings can look wet or shiny and sometimes have a thick texture.

Canna-flower-72dpi-6th-March-2014-copy Seaspray-8th-March-2014

Mixing paints together is part of the fun of painting. We can use white and dark paint to make our colours lighter and darker. In painting, a tint is a colour plus white, a shade is a colour plus black, and a tone is a colour plus grey.

It is important to properly blend colours together to avoid harsh and sharp lines in a landscape, especially to show a sunset sky, like these artworks below.



In these paintings we will use colour blending and tints to create our sky and then tones and shades to create the shadow of the mountains and cacti.