Click a link below to read about some crazy and famous inventions!

1_2head_bottle dumb-inventions

The Bionic Ear

Types of Robots

The Rollercoaster

How is glass made?

How to make an Egyptian mummy

The unicycle

Who invented potato chips?

Leave us a comment!

Which invention was your favourite? 

What other inventions do you know?

What text features can you find on these webpages?

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Go and read all the class member’s storybirds that we made!

Maybe you could make another storybird for homework!

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5/6J made these healthy lifestyle Storybirds. Check them out! 


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Visit ABCYA to make a word cloud of all the words you know to do with electricity!


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Spot the different between these 2 images. Write a comment and tell us your answer.

Bonus question – how many ways is electricity being used in these images?


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This term 5/6J members are going to create a storybird book showing examples of ways to live an active lifestyle. 

The NSW Healthy Kids government website outlines 5 ways that kids can be healthy. Visit their site to get ideas on how to follow these 5 tips. 


Here is Miss B’s storybird:

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We have been looking at some Persuasive texts in class, both written and in the form of advertising. 

We have also  been discussing some writing techniques authors use to make their writing more convincing. 

Leave us a comment and tell us some persuasive writing techniques that you know!


Click here and here to complete some activities online about persuasive texts. 

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Visit this site to play some games all about Electricity!

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Great running 5/6J! Good luck to all the members of our class who are competing at the Penrith Zone carnival in May.


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We all know the HB lead pencil, but do you know there are other grades of pencil? The lead inside a pencil is called graphite.


We can draw with pencils, but we can also do shading and create tones.



Lets’s practise some shading and blending techniques.



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